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RH New Logic 220 - All Black - Basic Collection

RH New Logic 220 - All Black - Basic Collection

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RH Logic 220 has a large back, comes as standard with castors for hard floor and base in black aluminum. It can be enhanced with a wide range of options and accessories.

Clear functions through pictograms or shapes guides the user how to adjust the chair, reachable and visibly while seated. RH Logic 220 is designed to be adjustable to anyone and anybody.

Shipping & Returns

Flokk’s chairs are designed so that any part can be replaced.

This is in line with our product’s circular design and sustainability standards. 

Please note that there is no change of mind and we do not accept returns once the chair is purchased.

Depending on destination this item can be delivered between 2-14 days.


Frictionless tilt mechanism.

Infinitely adjustable and can be locked in chosen position. We recommend to work with the tilt open to encourage active seating.

Separately adjustable backrest angle for support in any position.

Seat width/depth: 410 mm/ 465 mm (seatslide 100 mm incl. 20 mm in the back)

Back height/width: 630 mm/365 mm

Seat height: 410-550 mm

Footbase: Black aluminium, Ø660 mm and castors for carpeted floors (Ø65 mm)

Plastic colour: Black

Several options and accessories available for individual customization, ex. armrest & neckrest

Certifications: EN 1335, GS, NPR 1813, ANSI/BIFMA 5X-1, Möbelfakta, EPD ISO 14025, GREENGUARD GOLD

Design by: Veryday and Flokk Design Team

Environmental Data

CO2 Emissions: 66.41 kg CO2e
59.16% Recycled Materials
Energy Consumption: 935.52.MJ

Care Instructions

Care of fabric upholstery

Regular vacuum cleaning is recommended. Vacuum clean the chair with a furniture brush or wipe it with a clean white cloth or sponge slightly dampened with lukewarm, clean water. Marks and stains should be removed with a proprietary cleaner.

Care of leather upholstery

Wipe with a slightly damp cloth and gently rub dry. A good proprietary hide
food should be applied at least once a year and more often if the leather is in a
dry atmosphere or close to a heat-source.

Do not remove any plastic parts or attempt to open the seating mechanism.

For additional maintenance advice please contact our customer service team
or our web site

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About Flokk's RH

At RH, we develop chairs with you – the person who will sit in them – as our starting point. We have done it like this since Rolf Holstensson started the company in 1977 in Bodafors, the Småland region of Sweden (we also get our name from Rolf).

Sitting is a passive activity. If you choose an RH chair, it doesn’t take much to keep you moving. The chair follows your smallest movements, giving the correct support in relation to your height and weight in order to relieve pressure points. If you stretch out your arm to pick up the telephone, the chair will follow and you move backwards. The RH chair reduces inactivity and the negative consequences of the seated position. The more you move around, the longer you can sit without causing damage to your health. In other words, our view of ergonomics in not entirely unlike nature’s. This has helped us to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic office and work chairs.